Wonder What You Can Do to Help Out Behind the Scenes?

There are numerous areas you can get involved with. Just keep reading!

Some require lots of time and effort and others; not so much. It all depends on how much time you have to commit.

It’s all up to YOU! No experience necessary (unless noted below).


“Just Get Your Feet Wet”

Duties include what we call “Front of House”.  These require minimal time and only during the performance dates.  You’d be asked to work at as many of the performance dates as you’d like.  It’s all up to you.  It gives you a chance to meet some of the members and find out what a great group of people we are.  It also gets you in to see the show for FREE!


  • Ushering people into the auditorium
  • Taking / selling tickets at the door
  • Help to set up / put away the chairs in the auditorium
  • Handing out programs and welcoming audience members
  • Working in our concession booth
  • Manning our door prize table

Remember: YOU decide how many performance dates you’d like to work.

“Hmm, I like This”

Duties include things that require a little more time and effort, but still lots of fun.


  • Assisting in building the Set (one or two days per performance working with our Master Set Builder)
  • Set Painting
  • Artistic Painting (if you’re the really talented type)
  • Being part of the Props TEam
  • Make-up and Hair for the Cast members
  • Assisting with the lighting or sound boards (training available)
  • Helping to place lights, speakers, microphones and such on and around the stage
  • Costumes – finding, sewing, begging, borrowing or stealing (well, not really stealing)

“I’m Hooked”

Duties include things that require a commitment of time and effort.  You’d be part of the production team and have a time-line to deal with.  You’d be required to attend evening production meetings and devote spare time during the day to get things accomplished.  This is where the fun stuff really happens.  It gives you a peek into the inner workings of putting on a production and helps to get your feet wet so you can graduate to the “I’m in Deep” category.


  • Props Manager – Finding or creating all the items needed for the actors to use. This is usually done with a team of folks.
  • Stage Dresser – Creating the setting of the stage (i.e.: living room, kitchen . . .). This is usually done with a team of folks.
  • Assistant Producer – Assists the producer in all aspects of putting on a production.
  • Assistant Stage Manager
  • Publicity
  • Website design / maintenance

“I’m In Deep”

Duties include things that require a huge commitment of time and effort during a production.  Heading up parts of the production team, see “I’m Hooked” above.  These duties require previous experience and/or technical training.  Some of them require you to be at every rehearsal and/or every performance (see **).


  • Producer **
  • Director **
  • Stage Manager **
  • Master Lighting Guru
  • Master Sound Guru
  • Master Set Builder / Designer
  • Actors **

“Ready For the Tattoo”

Duties include being part of the Executive Team. Requires attendance at monthly meetings and a true commitment to the theatre group we all know and love as Thorold Community Theatre (TCT)!


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Membership
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Member at Large

Contact us for further information or if you’d like to get involved!